About Ashley Raevonne


Ashley Raevonne Fuller is a single mother to four beautiful girls,  author, blogger, and licensed exhorter. She has a passion to minister the gospel to anyone that would listen. Ashley is a witness and a living testimony of Christ’s forgiveness. She is an example, that God can make you whole, in every area of your life. She believes that there is nothing in your past that God can’t forgive you for. She also believes that God can and will use you for His kingdom.

Before Ashley answered God’s call, she experienced a rough past and was almost tied down by her past mistakes. She was going through life, not realizing that she had purpose, and did not know the love of Christ. 

But, through the grace, mercy, and forgiveness of God, she was able to believe in the love of Christ and refused to allow her past, to hold her back. Once she was saturated in His love, she vowed to serve as a witness of God’s unfailing love and forgiveness.

Ashley is passionate about resonating God’s love and facilitating a community where individuals can experience the fullness of God in their daily lives, which prompted her to establish a non profit organization called Ashley Raevonne Outreach Ministry. This ministry is dedicated to spreading the culture of love and improving the lives of everyone within reach.

Ashley has an unflinching conviction to inspire people of diverse backgrounds to live more functional lives regardless of their past and harness their various strengths. Her organization helps provide resources to help people in need while using the love of God as a solid rock for a brighter future.