Finding My Place In Him

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Hello to the one reading the back of this book. From the fact that you picked up this book, I can tell that you want a closeness with God. This book serves as my testimony to those who may have thought that, because of things in their past, they couldn’t be of any use to God or that God might reject them.

If this is you, I want you to know that it’s not true. God knows what you’ve been through, He seen all of what’s within you, and He wants a relationship with you. 

Some years ago, I found myself struggling with a void within myself; a void that was created by loss, poverty, dysfunction, abuse, and loneliness. 

My attempts to fill that void with serial dating and other means only served to create children out of wedlock, rejection, and worsened situations.

For some years, I grappled with a curse that had been my mother’s. This generational burden weighed on me heavily, and I continued to grasp at means outside the Lord for the answers and the solutions to my suffering. 

It wasn’t until later that I realized I only needed one thing to fill that void and to mend those situations: God. God has a purpose for me, and I was living my life completely unaware of it and how far I’d strayed from it. As I came to know the Lord, I found my purpose in Him, and He repaired every breakage in my spirit. 

This book contains the memoirs of my path to God, to my purpose, and true healing, unlike any I had previously known. Please read these memoirs and use them as a guide for skipping all the heartbreak, loneliness, and loss of direction. 

By accepting Jesus Christ in my life and casting from my life all the material and ill-fitting solutions, I was able to find my true identity in God. 

Buy your copy today and get to know Him much sooner than I did.

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